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5 July 1986
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christina carol
Most people call me Chrissy, Jennifer (don't ask), or X-Tina; there's a Belle and C.P. thrown in there on occassion. I'm 23 (as of July 5th). I'm from Princeton, WV; but I'm currently in Lexington, NC. My accent can be a little thick, but I'm proud of that. I recently graduated from Shepherd University with a BA in Psychology (Minor: English Lit). At some point I hope to go to UNC for my Masters in Counselling Psych or Social Work. I'm a quote whore and a silly fangirl. I adore all things Jane Austen and have a penchant for British Literature in general. I'm a vocabulary snob. I rant a lot. My goal in life is to write just one New York Times bestselling novel. For now, however, I really just want anything that pays money...it's hard to stay in coffee, cigarettes, and texting without sufficient funds.

a few of my favorite things
I'm fairly obsessive; so I dive into fandoms and get overwhelmed with them before I realize it. Harry Potter ;; Lord of the Rings ;; Twilight ;; Star Trek (TOS and XI) ;; and most things vampire related (I'm working on getting into True Blood). Dramatic rich kids amuse me. The O.C. ;; Gossip Girl. There are a few more general ones that don't fit neatly into a box. N.C.I.S. ;; Psych ;; Fringe ;; Desperate Housewives ;; One Tree Hill ;; Army Wives ;; Drop Dead Diva. My tastes in music are random and varied. Kelly Clarkson ;; Dierks Bentley ;; Kenny Chestney ;; Fall Out Boy ;; SafetySuit ;; Panic at the Disco ;; Justin Timberlake ;; Britney Spears ;; Matt Giraud ;; Kellie Pickler ;; Buckcherry ;; Hinder ;; etc. My favorite movies are usually romcoms. The Notebook ;; P.S. I Love You ;; Love Actually ;; Star Trek XI ;; When Harry Met Sally ;; Talledega Nights ;; Breakfast at Tiffany's ;; Say Anything ;; Ferris Bueller's Day Off ;; Mean Girls

friends only
I don't exactly know why I'm FO now. Either way, I'm sticking with it. But I still adore new people. Clearly, I'm interested in a plethora of things so if we have pertty much anything in common, feel free to add me. Just make sure to leave me a comment and tell me how you found me/why we should be friends. ;) If you came here via my fanfic journal, I'll definitely add you back, just make sure I know! <33

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